Features of the Ford C-MAX Hybrid

If you are interested in one of the most popular hybrids on the market today, the Ford C-MAX is ready to deliver. With excellent fuel economy and the ability to reach 85 miles while going full electric, this is a powerful hybrid that gives you the power and efficiency you are looking for.

The Ford C-MAX offers 188 horsepower and is rated best in class for small hybrid vehicle. If you want a hybrid that is powerful and fast, the Ford C-MAX is worth testing. Another feature of the Ford C-MAX is the regenerative braking and brake coach that recovers the energy usually lost during braking and stores the energy in your battery.

Take a Ford C-MAX out for a test drive today by visiting us at Mills Motor Inc. and meeting with a member of our sales team. Find the perfect hybrid and learn why the Ford C-MAX is so popular.

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