Closer Look at These Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

When our team at Mills Motor Inc. got delivery of the new Ford Fusion Energi on the lot, we needed to take the time to share with motorists a few of the features making this popular plug-in hybrid the must-have vehicle this year.

The Lane-Keeping System in the Ford Fusion Energi was designed to be able to identify if the car begins drifting outside the lane lines. When the car crosses the lines, the driver receives a series of vibrations in the steering wheel until the car is brought back safely into the lane lines.

The Ford Fusion Energi has the ability to make parking the vehicle easier. Once the Enhanced Active Park Assist is activated, sensors scan for the ideal parking space. Once space is selected, the system will prompt the driver to brake and accelerate while the steering wheel is controlled by the vehicle until the car is safely parked.



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