Convenient and Comfort in the Ford Fiesta ST

The exterior alone tells us at Mills Motor Inc. that the Ford Fiesta ST is a distinctive hatchback for Baxter MN. Its front fascia features a black center airfoil while the rear extends the lower portion with an original black diffuser. The spoiler is mounted high in the rear to add sportiness and improve aerodynamics while a rear window wiper keeps the back view clear.

You can leave your keys in your pocket because Intelligent Access lets you lock and unlock the doors by pulling on a door handle. Once you’re inside, you can step on the brakes and rev up the engine by pushing the Start button.

Improve your driving disposition by customizing the sporty driver seat with six manual adjustments, not including the two-way head restraints. Your front passenger gets four manual adjustments. You can luxuriate in the feel of available partial leather-upholstered seats.



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