What is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is also known as hydraulic fluid because it is the force that moves through your vehicle’s hydraulic brake system. It functions as a lubricant for the parts, and it provides consistent temperature for the components as you brake.

Brake fluid is pushed through each of the brake lines into the cylinder as soon as you depress the brake. That action compresses the piston. The force of the piston creates the action that engages the brake pad with the disc. Your vehicle is able to stop due to the friction of the pads and disc working together. It creates extremely high heat, and the fluid keeps the system from overheating and possibly catching fire.

Your brake system shouldn’t run low on fluid. If you notice low levels, it could be due to worn pads and might be time to have your brakes serviced. The next time you’re in Baxter, MN, feel free to stop by Mills Motor Inc.. Our service technicians are happy to answer questions that keep you safely on the road.

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