Take a Closer Look at These Ford Fiesta ST Performance Features

The all-new Fiesta ST is definitely packed with plenty of performance features. Here are some of the features that make this car such a popular performance hatchback.

Those who have ever driven a car that has a manual transmission will understand the difficulty with trying to drive up a hill from a dead stop. With the new Ford Fiesta ST, it has the Hill Start Assist feature, which holds the brake a few seconds while you go from brake to gas so the car doesn't roll back and hit another car.

The Electric Power-Assisted Steering in the Ford Fiesta ST is unique because most cars come with a pump to assist with steering. The small motor helps drivers with maneuverability when traveling at really high speeds or driving very slowly. Take the new Ford Fiesta ST for a test drive when you come by Mills Motor Inc. and put these performance features to the test.



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