What is New in the SYNC 3 System in the Ford C-Max?

SYNC systems have been around for a while. As an infotainment system, the SNC 1 and SYNC 2 systems were a good start. Unfortunately, the Windows-oriented format for the SNC 1 and SYNC 2 systems did not pan out. Ford engineers searched for a new platform on which to base their Infotainment systems and found one in the Blackberry format.

The SYNC 3 Infotainment feature works with the Blackberry platform to provide an easy to use search mechanism for navigation around town and radio stations while driving across the country. Due to the stability of the Blackberry platform, Ford was able to include several extras.

Voice activation is included in the SYNC 3 system as is a memory file that identifies the driver and the driver’s preferences through their voice. If you have one of the older Infotainment systems, come to Mills Motor Inc. and we will install the SYNC 3.



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