Ford Mustang Improves Handling Through Advanced Technology

The new Ford Mustang continues to offer the power and performance that fans expect. Now, advanced technology offers even better handling in this classic sports car. Let's check out the new technology.

In improved independent rear suspension now makes it even easier to hug the curves in the new Ford Mustang. It still has the power, but advances in braking systems make its stopping ability a better match for its performance. Faster speeds and power also mean the need for better braking systems and Ford has delivered in this respect. The Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) allows you to select from three different settings and adjust the feel of your steering wheel. You can tighten it down like a sports car or loosen it so that it is a little bit more relaxed.

The Ford Mustang still performs like a sports car but has a little more luxurious feel. It is time to check out these advances in technology at Mills Motor Inc.



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